Hi! I’m Megan, a self-professed “know-it-all,” “health foodie” and fitness buff. (Well, others might vouch for my know-it-all status. Hi, Mom and Dad.) I also work as communications director at a large independent school in Vancouver, B.C. It’s a great gig, and I am able to incorporate health-related articles into many school communications.  I’m also a registered nutritionist and a health and cleanse coach with Isagenix, a nutrition company with solutions in three areas: weight loss, energy and performance, and healthy aging. I joined the company after first researching their products (all-natural and highest quality) and then experiencing (and continuing to experience) incredible product results. I truly believe Isagenix products and programs can benefit anyone with any health goal. Interested in achieving vibrant health? Email me!

What else? Well, I recently worked on several health promotion programs for the Alberta government, one of which was MEND, an obesity intervention and treatment program for children and families. Oh, and I also taught Pilates for 10 years and developed and manufactured an organic lip balm. (My résumé practically requires subheadings.)

To continue to educate myself (and to hopefully help others), I’ve created this blog as a sort of how-to guide to healthful living. From building better breakfasts and biceps to sleeping more and stressing less, I invite you to look for the latest “health bite”–and healthy bites!–here.

  1. Great blog Megan – congrats! I also love the Happiness Project! Hope all is well and that you’re enjoying BC.


  2. So excited to stay connected to your passion of living healthy and staying fit…..even when you feel so far away…….you’re still trying your best to get me pouding that pavement…and thinking about what goes in my mouth!!

  3. This is great Megan – I love the recipes as I’m always trying to keep healthy eating interesting for the kids. Take care (from chilly Calgary), Lise

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